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          Welcome to Kingvty official website

          0755-83938186 0755-83938180

          Create a fair, just and open competition environment:
          The company strives to create a fair competitive environment for employees, so that employees can compete on the premise of obtaining the same resources, improve in the competition, and realize the survival of the fittest.
          1) Eclectic, equal opportunity, meritocracy;
          2) There is no prejudice against gender, hometown, or physical characteristics;
          3) There is no opinion of alumni faction or family background;
          4) There is no personal preference of the leader.

          Design a challenging career for employees:
          The company fully considers personal needs, combines personal values with corporate development goals, and designs challenging careers for employees. The goals set are both realistic and challenging. Employees can achieve through hard work. To achieve a "win-win" between employees and the company.

          Open up three talent channels:
          Everyone is a talent, and talents are everywhere in society. In order to give full play to local advantages, while absorbing resources from all over the world, to ensure the leading position of Tianyu Investment, the company vigorously opens up channels and recruits talents:
          1. Fresh graduates from colleges and universities
          2. The head office and service centers in various regions are open to the public to recruit
          3. Returned personnel with good conduct

          Adhere to the four principles of employment:
          Knowing people: knowing people, understanding people, and respecting people, not only knowing people's appearance, but also knowing their potential;
          Tolerance: Create a relaxed environment, make people feel comfortable, do not ask for full blame, and allow to improve self-discipline;
          Employment: Provide a stage for each employee to display their talents and create opportunities for learning, development, and self-worth realization;
          Life: treat each other with sincerity, be kind to others, tolerant, considerate, do not engage in internal friction, dedicated to work, loyal to duty, take the company as home, and share the honor and disgrace with the company.
          • 14th Floor, Block B, Building 1, Wisdom Homeland, Baolong 4th Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen
          • 0755-83938186 83938180
          • jbj888jbj@163.com

          Copyright 2021 Shenzhen Jinbaojia Electric Co., Ltd. All Right Reserved.


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